Tumwater Pioneers

Men's semi-pro indoor soccer team

Sponsor the Pios

Pioneers sponsorship packages, including banner and board space at Tumwater Indoor Sports, are available to fit all organization’s budgets

The Tumwater Pioneers and Tumwater Indoor Sports have sponsorship packages available to fit any organization or company’s budget and size. Select packages are listed below but are not limited to these options…

Arena Banner (starts at $1200 per banner): Hang your banner in Tumwater Indoor Sports for one year. You provide the banner (4′ x 4′) and choose where you would like the banner to hang in the facility. Costs increase with the size of the banner.

Board space ($1300 prime view, $1000 we choose location): Indoor soccer is played on a field much like a hockey rink. Advertising spaces (4′ x 4′ graphic stickers) are available on our boards for one year. Stickers will be visible for Tumwater Pioneers games and will also remain on the boards during adult league play and other events at Tumwater Indoor Sports.

Game jerseys ($2500): Sponsor’s ad will go above the number on the back of the jersey where the player’s name typically is placed. Ad will appear on both home and away jerseys. Jersey sponsor will also receive a pair of season tickets.

Warm up shirt ($300-$400): Warm up shirts will be worn by players an hour before the game for the length of the season. Shirts will also be available as souvenirs for fans to purchase. Sponsors choose the zone on the shirt they would like their logo to appear. Sponsors will also receive a shirt and a pair of season tickets.

Zone 1 (square on left breast): $300
Zone 2 (square on right breas): $300
Zone 3 (front below Pioneers logo): $400
Zone 4 (front below zone 3): $400
Zone 5 (back top): $400
Zone 6 (back below zone 5): $400
Zone 7 (back below zone 6): $400
Zone 8 (back below zone 7): $400

For more information or to purchase a sponsorship package, please contact Mike Rancipher at (253) 579-3113, Matt Stalnik at (360) 359-1125 or Kevin Creely at (360) 701-0400 or email the Tumwater Pioneers

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