Tumwater Pioneers

Men's semi-pro indoor soccer team


2012-2013 Tumwater Pioneers


Name Position Age College
Matt Stalnik GK 25 Evergreen State
Mauricio Sanchez GK 24 Evergreen State
Mike Sharpe GK 30
Carlos Ortiz M/D/GK 42 Eastern Washington
Thomas Arndt F 35
Dyson Fowler F 21 Evergreen State
Corey Johnson F 23 Evergreen State
Sergio Lopez F 23 Saint Martin’s
Ethan Sumlin F 19 Evergreen State
Jeff Wruck F 29 Evergreen State
Albert Anabtawi M 20 Evergreen State
George Bundy M 22 Evergreen State
Carl Determeyer M 23 Evergreen State
Carlos Dextre M 24
Kevin Flavin M 22 Evergreen State
Ivan Gonzalez M 21 Saint Martin’s
Matt Herrera M 26 Evergreen State
Jeff Jalo M 28
Marco Lucero M 16
Nathan Murphy M 23 Northwest University
Mike Rancipher Jr. M 22
Logan Smith M 22 South Puget Sound
Kyle Wiese M 22 Evergreen State
David Cook D 20 South Puget Sound
Kevin Creeley D 30
Brady Espinoza D 22 Evergreen State
Kyle Foster D 25 Evergreen State
Riley Hoiem D 18 South Puget Sound
Patrick Hutnik D 28 Evergreen State
Josh Noonkester D 20 Saint Martin’s
Chris Pugh D 32 Evergreen State

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